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Baltimore Trip

OK, so I woke up very early in the morning on Saturday, January 7th, 2012.  Being a rare occurrence of my wife also being off of work for the weekend and my daughter not having school, I started looking for a fun family adventure because you know I’m spontaneous like that!  Originally we were going to visit the Franklin Institute as I recently have seen a commercial on TV but I wanted even more excitement for the entire weekend.  And so our Baltimore trip began.

Having gone to Baltimore many times before, we knew exactly what to see and where to stay but that doesn’t make it any less thrilling.  Our trip started with a nice drive on a beautiful day with excellent navigation courtesy of Google via my cell phone.  Our first stop was the Maryland Science Center.  Chris & Deanna were delighted to see a carousel outside and they enjoyed a ride on it while I photographed from the distant.  From playing with gyros to watching an Imax film to visiting the planetarium, the Science Center was an adventure by itself.  I’ve always found several science centers to be very exciting.  Afterwards, we walked further down the harbor for dinner at Pizzeria Uno and enjoyed our only family photo of the four of us.

We stayed overnight at the Tremont Plaza which is a beautiful hotel.  This was our second stay at this hotel so again, we knew what to expect.  After being greeted with valet parking, we indulged ourselves in our fancy 750 square foot suite with a private bedroom.  Of course the kids had a pull-out on the couch.  It’s funny because last time we stayed there Deanna slept in the bedroom and Jennifer and I slept on the pull-out!  The hotel has a nice bar as well as a deli.  After a wonderful evening and breakfast at the deli, we checked out and headed on for our next stop.

Our final location was of course the Baltimore Aquarium.  If you have never been there before then I strongly urge that you go.  They had a fantastic dolphin show which you can see in my photo gallery.  We even checked out a 4D Planet Earth film and while we have seen this one before, it was still a nice event.  The aquarium is full of exciting exhibits including strange jellyfish.  Jen’s pudding is always walking down the ramp with the sharks swimming all around us.

Being exhausted, this concluded our journey and we headed home to pick up our dog Max.  On a previous trip we stopped at the Maryland Zoo, but it was getting colder and we were very tired so we headed for the barn.  Just because we have been to the inner harbor before doesn’t make it any less exciting.  Not bad for waking up in the morning and trying to come up with somewhere fun to spend with the family!  Make sure you check out our Baltimore photo gallery.  Don’t be afraid, there are 200 photos!

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